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Sciex QTOF

- mass spectrometers

Boost performance and productivity in your lab with quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry systems for qualitative and quantitative analysis. 


X500B System

Novel N-optic TOF design gives optimal mass accuracy and resolution, even for large biotherapeutics such as mAbs and antibody drug conjugates

Renowned Turbo V™ source provides efficient ion production while limiting contamination for maximized robustness and uptime

Purpose built for biologics characterization and engineered with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind to accelerate and streamline biotherapeutic analysis

Perform intact mass, subunit analysis, and peptide mapping characterization on this single, true benchtop system

X500R System

Six heater drones throughout the TOF path ensure that the system maintains mass accuracy even through longer runs

Quick and easy QJet access enables fast and efficient maintenance, so your instrument is up and running virtually all the time.

Renowned ionization performance from the Turbo V™ source is now delivered with a high-resolution accurate mass analyzer.

The N-optic design with 4mm orifice leading into the TOF accelerator tube delivers resolution without compromising sensitivity.

Occupies less lab space than any other HRMS on the market today (110x57x112cm).

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