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Automation System

With dedicated workstations designed for a diverse variety of applications, along with the ability to customize liquid handling workstations based on your needs, innovative automated liquid handling solutions enable you to minimize errors, reduce hands-on time, and increase throughput and reproducibility.



The JANUS® G3 automated liquid handling workstations offer flexible automated sample preparation solutions to meet your specific application needs.

The JANUS® G3 NGS Express™ workstation is a benchtop platform designed to simplify and reduce errors in low-to-moderate throughput NGS library construction.

JANUS G3 BioTx Pro Workstation

Automated liquid handling platform for small-scale protein purification applications.

Sciclone G3

With proven performance, open-deck design, and integration-friendly architecture, Revvity Sciclone® G3 liquid handling workstations can be configured to automate applications including genomics, proteomics, immunoassays, and cell based assays.

The Sciclone® G3 NGSx workstations area complete benchtop solution for the automated construction of up to or greater than 96 libraries per day.

Customizable Sciclone® G3 LiquidHandling Workstations

The Sciclone® G3 workstation is our highly flexible automated liquid handling workstation for drug discovery.

Zephyr G3

The Zephyr® G3 workstation’s small footprint makes it ideal for workbench operation, while the convenient deck design provides ready access from all four sides to consumables and accessories. The Zephyr G3 workstations offer flexibility to adapt to your needs.

The Zephyr® G3 SPE workstation is a simple and efficient liquid handler that automates the critical steps required in high-throughput solid phase extraction (SPE). It is designed to meet the needs of clinical research, forensic, pharmaceutical, and biotech laboratories.

Personalized Zephyr G3 Workstation

The Zephyr® G3 workstation is a compact, cost-effective, multi-channel liquid handler. It is an ideal tool for key applications in compound management, HTS, genomics, proteomics and bioanalytical assays.

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